Business Ideology
INTEGRITY TRANSPARENT TRADE TERMINAL (an initiative by MATRIXARENA INTERNATIONAL ) is blockchain technology in supply chain based B2B Integrated cross border trade terminal offering end-to-end services .
  • What is core objective : Our value-addition is Integrated Cost Reduction (ICR) in cross border trade transactions by leveraging technology and economies of scale to eliminate over-spend factors embedded in prevailing international trade.
  • What we do: We minimize Total Cost of Acquisition (TCA) of goods and services by means of integrated B2B services that eliminates intermediaries, opacity, inefficiencies, complexities and cash conversion cycle delay (payment settlement). Credentials of all Trade participants are authenticated by X.509 digital certification prior to on-boarding to ascertain that only genuine and authenticated trade participants on platform.
  • What's Innovative: Blockchain Technology based immutable digital "Smart Contract" is Multi-party "Master Contract" as per International Chamber of Commerce standards and guidelines. Credentials authentication by X.509 digital certification.
  • How we do: We provide the end-to-end Integrated Services for cross border trade viz. Pre-Trade (Strategic Sourcing) support solution, Trade Financing / Letter of Credit, Multi-modal Logistics (Sea, Rail, Road Transport), E-Bill of Lading, Port Operations (Origin to Destination), Third Party Inspection (Quality and Quantity compliance), Marine Transit Insurance (by means of API).
  • Where are we located: We intend to primarily operate from major seaports in US, Canda and India subsequently we will venture into other key markets based on our globally scalable business model in high volume trade routes.
  • Which commodities: We are dealing with Minerals and Metals, Recyclable Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal at global level, followed by coverage expanded to Fertilizers, Agriculture and Forest Products.
  • Who we are: We are professionals with average hands-on experience of 20+ years of subject matter expertise in Strategic Sourcing, International Trade Supply Chain, Trade Finance/Letter of Credit, Multi-modal Logistics, Blockchain Technology, Actuarial Science, Market Intelligence (Exports-Imports).
  • What value we add: Our globally scalable innovative blockchain technology-based INTEGRITY TRANSPARENT TRADE TERMINAL adds value by means of Integrated Cost Reduction (ICR) by eliminating over-spend factors, inefficiencies and complexities embedded in prevailing international trade. Thus, it is commercially beneficial to global buyers, sellers and service providers who can reap the benefits of our business ecosystem to achieve more value per value of spend to improve profitability.