Integrated Services Platform

1. Pre-Trade Support Solutions

  • This is first step to mapping a buyer's demand with appropriate suppliers who can deliver superior quality, cost and delivery, This service aims to facilitate seal the deal between buyers and sellers based on demand versus supply. At the initial stage, Integrity's team shall interact closely with buyers and sellers by addressing their expectations and resolving their concerns through due diligence with buyers and sellers with ultimate objective of proposing a win-win proposition for each trading participant.

2. International Standards & Specifications

  • The Technical Specification Master Data Hub (TSMDH) in digital format is a repository of International standards & specifications of goods at the 8-digit code level and will be used as the archives of updated technical specifications as per International standards for all reference purposes. Technical specifications will form the basis of "inspection parameters criteria" mutually agreed upon between buyers and sellers. Buyers shall remain assured that their business interests are safeguarded by world class TPIA in terms of quality and quantity compliance as per the inspection checklist of goods under the trade.

3. Contract Management Solution

  • "Smart Contracts" are based on blockchain technology as per International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) standards and guidelines framework by involving all stakeholders such as buyers, sellers, bank, shipping carrier, third party inspection agency, freight forwarders, custom house agents, marine transit insurance agency. International trade transaction workflow is digitally mapped in smart contracts (blockchain technology)

4. Trade Finance (Letter of Credit)

  • In collaboration with consortium of banks of international top rank such as Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Toronto Dominion (TD) and others by integrating a digital platform to provide access to trade financing by connecting buyers and sellers with common banks after their successful authentication of credentials verification by means of X.509 digital certification and E-KYC. Also, all trade participants can benefit from faster payment processing during transaction settlement to receive their accounts receivables on or before the due date.

5. Third Party Inspection Agency

  • Quality and quantity assurance compliance of product being traded, is the primary role of TPIA. They are to inspect the quality in the pre-dispatch stage at origin. Only after this process will goods be allowed to ship. Quantity inspection shall be carried out after loading in cargo vessel. All inspection reports will be uploaded by TPIA on the platform so that all trade participants shall get real-time transaction status.

6. Multi-Modal Logistics &Port Operations

  • Goods under trade have high volumes; thus movement of goods takes place by means of sea, rail and road mode of transportation. A consortium of shipping carriers and freight forwarders in collaborate to form an integral part of our Integrity platform that will support cargo movement planning, port operations, custom clearing, cargo vessel deployment and route optimization. Goods transferred by the seller to shipping carrier to must be confirmed by means of an electronic bill of lading, a feature integrated with the integrity terminal. This will enable faster processing of letters of credit by interconnected and, thus will improve the cash conversion cycle of high transaction value fund transfer.

7. Real Time Status Visibility

  • All Trade Participants will receive step-by-step transactions process status updates on their dashboard, which can be accessed by login credentials provided by Integrity platform. Cargo vessel tracking status in deep seas will be an advanced feature indicating actual transit time in terms of nautical miles travelled per day. Lead time at each stage of cargo movement will reduce the lock-in period of high-value funds of buyers. Thus, it will improve the cash conversion cycle, especially in emerging markets.